Beyond The Invisible Video Description

The video, directed by Julien Temple, begins in black-and-whit with a sullen-looking lady looking out window covered in rain droplets from inside a house. She is being yelled at by a man, presumably her husband. She yells back at him, puts on her walkman in front of a mirror, and runs out of the house.

The main chant of the song begins, and the picture turns to colour. Suddenly she is inside a forest where "forst people" blend into the trees and shrubbery. We see some of them singing the chant. Together with this we initially also see the an own and the shadow of the "man machines" (those from the cover of the album cover) walking slowly towards somewhere. Images continue, rotating between the "forest people" (some singing and some watching on), the "man machines" who are still walking, and the girl who ran out of the house running and exploring her surrounds.

Around the middle of the first chorus, everyone has converged at a frozen lake where two people are ice skating. The video continues in this setting, with the clothing worn by the skating dancers changing. Time also changes - they are originally dancing at dusk, but later they dance at night, and eventually in daylight. Throughout the dancing, images change to the "forest people", the girl watching what is happening, and the 3 "man machines" who stand next to each other at the edge of the lake. At one stage we see them holding and flipping signs with ancient symbols, perhaps Greek.

Eventually the end of the song is reached, and when the final "if you follow you will see, what is beyond reality" is sung, one of the "man machines" holds out his hand to the girl. With them walking off into the distance, we see the image of the dancers fade to nothing, followed by the "man machine" and girl also fading, and finally the other two "man machines".