November 8

[Picture of Michel and Sandra with Nikita and Sebastian]

In a letter received from Enigma's management in Germany, the following information was confirmed:

  • Michael and Sandra Cretu became the proud parents of Nikita and Sebastian on July 6, 1995 at 10:03 and 10:04 respectively.
  • Enigma III is due out in Europe in October or November 1996. This would mean that the gap between the release of Enigma II and Enigma III is the same as that between Enigma I and Enigma II.
  • No more Enigma III news is due until April 1996.

October 5

  • The latest single from Vangelis is titled Voices and is due out in England on October 16. It is the title track of his latest studio album which is due out in England on October 30. The single has 3 tracks on the CD version - Voices I, Voices II (Echoes), and Voices III. These tracks feature voices from the Greek National Opera Company of Athens.

September 11

  • On July 6, Michael and Sandra Cretu became the parents of twins Nikita and Sebastian. These twins are the ones referred to in the track First Lullaby from Sandra's Fading Shades album.

August 18

  • Vangelis' next release is due out in Australia on October 16. My contact at eastwest records had no other details except that it was a studio album. However, this does not give a definite answer on whether his next release will be a soundtrack or not. I am hoping for further details in around one month.

June 24

In a fax, Enigma's manager supplied some information on Enigma albums and gave an update on Sandra's progress:

  • Only 100,000 (not 1 million as initially reported) hologram-cover editions of MCMXC a.D. 'The Limited Edition' were released. They were mainly sold in Germany and France. The 1 million figure refers to the total number of limited edition versions of the album (hologram or normal).
  • Sandra has not had her children yet, but expects them in the next 3 weeks.
  • Nights in White Satin has not done well so far in Europe. It has only charted in Germany and Finland.
  • Fading Shades debutted in Germany at #84.

June 1

  • Sandra's second single, Won't Run Away has been delayed until late June or early July in Europe.
    Information supplied by Joar Grimstvedt.

May 22

  • Sandra's new album, Fading Shades has had its release date moved from May 29th to June 12th in Europe. There are no plans for Sandra to be involved in any promotion of the album or its singles due to her having twins.
    Information supplied by Joar Grimstvedt.

April 19

  • Michael Cretu and his manager have taken time out to respond to around 20 questions I have asked on behalf of the Enigma mailing list. Things learnt included that of Sandra having twins, that Enigma is in the process of being made, and that Michael Cretu is considering one big concert in late 1996.
    Here is a full summary of the letter.

March 29

  • Sandra's first single Nights in White Satin has been released in Europe. The song, a cover of the Moody Blues classic from the late 1960s, contains 5 mixes including a Club Mix, Techno Mix, and Jungle Mix. Both Michael Cretu and Jens Gad, best known for their remixes from the Enigma 2 singles, are the producers of the single.
    Joar Grimstvedt has done a review.