December 29

  • Michael Cretu's new project, Trance Atlantic Air Waves, has a new single out, currently only available in 12" vinyl. Titled Chase, it is a cover of Giorgio Moroder's classic from the Midnight Express soundtrack. It will be released on CD single in Europe on February 2, 1998. The single mentions Cretu's name and has a Nalin & Kane Remix, DJ Quicksilver Remix, and radio edit.

Source: Martyn Woolley, Max

December 1

  • I have finally got around to updating the site, changing its name in the process. It has taken so long to update the site due to losing PC access, changing jobs, and moving homes! As mentioned in the new introduction, the site will continue to exist, but will be updated infrequently and therefore lose any focus it used to have on news. Your old favourites such as the FAQ and discography will continue to exist and be updated periodically.
  • The biggest news over the past six months is that Cretu has released some music under a new name, Trance Atlantic Air Waves. As with his first Enigma single, there are no credits to himself on Magic Fly - the first single from an album is expected in March 1998. Enigma-wise, there is possibly a new single for release in the first months of 1998, and a box set containing the regular release of the first three albums and some new artwork also expected in the first months of 1998.

May 24

  • A new album is to be released by Moodswings on May 26. Titled Psychedelicatessen, it has been released world-wide by Arista Records. For a look at the wonderful cover and for more information, visit this site.
    Source: Gerald
  • Delerium's latest album, Karma, is due out in May 26. Both are available through Festival Records.
  • It is currently rumored that Jon Anderson provides the vocals on Beyond The Invisible, the first single from Enigma's latest album Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!. Anderson, the lead singer from the popular 1970s band Yes, was rumored to be contributing to the album in the months leading up to its release. He is not credited in the liner notes.

May 4

  • The official word from Nettwerk Records is that they no longer have any copies of the limited edition 2CD version of Delerium's Karma. However, a single CD will be released in the future with the two additional tracks and multimedia component.
  • My short review of Karma is now available. My long review of Karma, and my review of the bonus enhanced CD will follow soon.

April 19

  • Delerium's new album, Karma, will be available from April 22. With special thanks to Nettwerk Records, I have been able to get an advanced copy, and so offer a preview to their follow-up of the successful Semantic Spaces.
  • TNT for the Brain was released in Australia in early April. It is due out in Canada later this month.

February 22

It's great to see so many new releases! Here's a summary:

  • Vangelis' new album, Oceanic, was released in Australia in January.
  • A second single from Enigma's Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! has been released. Titled TNT for the Brain, it was released in Europe on February 17, and is expected for release in the UK on March 31. It is not currently due for release in Australia and it is unknown whether it will be released in the US.
  • Jean Michel Jarre's new album, Oxygene 7-13, should already be in your record stores, or will be very soon.
  • Yello's new album, Pocket Universe, is due out in Europe on February 24. Release dates in other countries are not currently known.
  • Delerium's new album, Karma, is tentatively due out in May 1997.
  • Peter Gabriel's new album should be out in the first half of 1997.

January 24

  • The well-believed rumour about the Jean-Michel Jarre concert planned for the opening of Melbourne's Crown Casino in early-mid 1997 is false. In a letter to me from the Casino's Director of Corporate & Public Affairs it was stated: "There has been much speculation and misinformed comment about our plans. Your Internet information is not correct however, we will release the details in due course. Jean Michel Jarre will not be part of these plans". It is not currently known whether Jarre plans to perform in Melbourne for another reason, such as his work for UNESCO or as part of a world tour.

There are lots of new releases happening around this time of year:

  • In December 1996, Hubert Kah's new album was released in Europe. Self-titled, it features a totally new musical line-up with Michael Cretu and Klaus Hirschburger missing. The first single from the album, C'est La Vie, was also re-released in 1996 with a different track listing. Track listings of the album and singles is in the band's recently expanded discography.
  • In February 1997, Enigma's latest single TNT for the Brain will be released in Europe. In Australia, questions are being asked whether this is the best choice for the next single. Regardless, no new single is due in Australia until at least April. Latest single details are not yet known in the United States.
  • Delerium's new album, Karma, is tentatively due out in May 1997. It will feature female vocals from Kristy Thirsk (Rose Chronicles), Jacqui Hunt (Single Gun Theory), and Sarah McLachlan. The unconfirmed track listing is Enchanted, Duende, Twilight, Forgotten Worlds, Lamentation, Euphoria, Remembrance, Wisdom, and Koran.