enigma ~ did you know...

Virgin Records Australia October 1996

Before Deep Forest and Enya were heard of, Enigma set the stage for the ambient movement. After the astounding success of Enigma 1 - MCMXC aD and Enigma 2 - The Cross of Changes, Virgin Records are proud to announce, after a three year wait, the release of Enigma 3 Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (or The King is Dead, Long Live The King), the latest creation from producer/composer Michael Cretu, on November 25 1996.

The first single release form (sic) from Enigma 3 will be Beyond the Invisible, release 4 November 1996, stunning ambient-pop tune which introduces the listener to a soothing foray into the land of Gregorian chants and hypnotic new age melodies.

Enigma's debut album, MCMXC aD, released December 1990 was an unbelievable success, with the album remaining in the Top 200 of the US Billboard Album Charts for more than five consecutive years! Four singles were released off the Enigma 1 album: Sadeness, Mea Culpa, Principles of Lust, and Rivers of Belief. Sadeness sold more than 5 million copies world-wide and was No.1 in 23 countries. Enigma was Virgin's best selling artist in 1990/91.

December 1993, Enigma 2 - The Cross of Changes, was released. Featured on the album were the singles: Return to Innocence, The Eyes Of Truth, Age Of Loneliness, and Out From The Deep. Return To Innocence was playlisted for more than nine months on MTV Europe and received more than 800 plays. Enigma 1 and 2 have sold in excess of 17 million copies world-wide!

Enigma's music has been requested for more than 500 compilations and half of them include the single Sadeness. Their music has been used for various commercials world-wide and for various AIDS awareness spots. Enigma's music also features in a variety of major feature films including, Carly's Song was especially written for Sliver (featuring Sharon Stone); Mea Culpa was used in The Making Of Robin Hood; Principles Of Lust was used in Single White Female; and Sadeness featured in Boxing Helena.

Reproduced without permission from Virgin Records Australia for private and research purposes only. Thanks for Virgin Melbourne for supplying it.