Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Enigma FAQ, a document where I will give you as much explanation into Enigma as possible - the project, the people, the music, the other items, the success, and the meanings. First created in late 1993, this document gives full rundowns of each album and single released to date, the meanings behind some tracks, the people mentioned in some songs, and many other interesting pieces of information.

If you've come to this page from another site, welcome to the FAQ section of The Enigma Archives! It is one of the many sections the site, created in 1995 and containing documents from as early as 1993, has. To look at the rest of the site, including discographies, news, press releases, and so on, click on the link to the home page at the top of this page, or bookmark Enjoy this FAQ - it is the most popular document at this site!

When reading this FAQ, there are some things that need to be pointed out:

This FAQ only references CDs and CD maxi-singles. This is because the cassette and LP versions generally either contain the same or only a certain tracks from their CD equivalent.

All references to UK releases also apply to Australian releases unless otherwise specified.

The document contains many links, each of which takes you to the next logical location. For example, clicking on a single anywhere will take you to its review if one exists, or to its entry in the discography otherwise.

I hope you learn a lot about Enigma by reading this FAQ!

Table of Contents

The Band/Project

The People

The Catalogue

The Music

The Other Items

The Meanings