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  • Suave Suave
    Showing major progression from the debut, this album has a mature ambience and unique Flamenco sound.
  • Spiritual, Spritual!
    This fourth album, now on a new label, will please those of the b-tribe 'sound'.

Michael Cretu

Cretu and Thiers

  • Belle Epoque
    A side project done in 1988, this album allowed Michael Cretu the opportunity to expand his musical ability with different musicians than he normally worked with.


  • Karma
    The follow-up to Semantic Spaces gives further evidence of Delerium's abilities.
  • Poem
    Delerium's first album without Rhys Fulber appears unscathed. Full of vocals and majestic sound it oozes brilliance. Poetic justice?
  • Semantic Spaces
    This is one of my all-time favourite albums and one of the few albums which I consider as good as Enigma. A full track-by-track rundown is provided.



Enigma 2

Enigma 2Enigma 3

Enigma 4



  • Nomad
    From a relatively unknown band in Australia, this release mixes the traditional Aboriginal didgeridoo with more modern sounds and beats.

Patrick O'Hearn

  • Metaphor
    Patrick's latest release shows that he still knows how to create atmospheres while building on the instruments he uses.

Mike Oldfield

  • The Songs of Distant Earth
    Mike Oldfield has been in the music scene since the early 1970s when his classic Tubular Bells was released. His new album continues the tradition of a wide range of instruments and styles.

Sacred Spirit


The wife of Michael Cretu has assembled a new collection of writers and musicians for her new album, giving it more of a dance flavour.

Sounds from the Ground

  • Three A.D. and Kin
    Reviews of two 'ambient dub' releases, Kin by Sounds from the Ground, and Three A.D. by various artists.