Sandra Discography (1999-)

December 8, 2001

This discography has a short summary of all releases followed by a more detailed listing. It is split into four parts, this part showing detailed listings for all releases from 1999 onwards. This is followed by a list of compilation and unofficial releases.



1985 The Long Play
1986 Mirrors
1987 Ten On One (The Singles)
1988 Into a Secret Land
1989 Everlasting Love
1990 Paintings in Yellow
1992 Close to Seven
18 Greatest Hits
1995 Fading Shades
1999 My Favourites
2002 Wheel of Time
1976 Andy, Mein Freud
1984 Japan, Ist Weit
1985 (I'll Never be) Maria Magdalena
In the Heat of the Night
Little Girl
1986 Innocent Love
Hi! Hi! Hi!
1987 Midnight Man
Everlasting Love
Stop for a Minute
1988 Amiga Quartet: Sandra
Heaven Can Wait
Secret Land
1989 We'll be Together ('89 Remix)
Around my Heart
Yes We Can [by Artists United by Nature]
1990 (Life May Be) a Big Insanity
One More Night
1992 Don't be Aggressive
I Need Love
Steady Me
Johnny Wanna Live
1993 Maria Magdalena (New Version)
1995 Nights in White Satin
Won't Run Away
1999 Secret Land
No Taboo
2001 Forever

Secret Land Single May-17-1999

[Won't Run Away Cover]

CD Single

Europe (Germany)

Virgin 7243 895840 2 8

    Radio Edit 3:20
    Ultra Violet Club Mix 5:34
    La Danza Club Mix 6:12
    Ultra Violet Radio Edit 3:41

My Favourites Compilation Album June-9-1999


Europe (Germany)

Virgin 847271 2
Remixes by Peter Ries and Wolfgang Filz
CD 1 "The Remixes"
    Mirrored in Your Eyes 3:36
    Secret Land 3:19
    We'll Be Together 3:53
    Won't Run Away 4:08
    Maria Magdalena 3:59
    Heaven Can Wait 4:10
    Hiroshima 4:25
    Tell Me More 3:38
    Celebrate Your Life 3:38
    Around My Heart 3:42
    In The Heat of the Night 4:28
    Way To India 4:58
CD 2 "The Originals"
    No Taboo 3:51
    Johnny Wanna Live 3:45
    Don't Be Aggressive 3:46
    One More Night 3:39
    Steady Me 3:57
    When Love Turns to Pain 4:59
    Seal It Forever 4:50
    I Need Love '95 3:27
    When The Rain Doesn't Come 4:44
    Nights in White Satin 3:35
    First Lullaby 4:30
    Fading Shades 0:53

Forever Single Oct-1-2001

CD Single

Europe (Germany)

Virgin 8 97941 2 

    Radio Edit 3:44
    Straight 4 U Radio Edit 3:31
    Beatnik Club Mix 8:57
    Straight 4 U Remix 5:43

Wheel of Time Album 2002

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