Return to Innocence Review

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by Joar Grimstvedt June 2 1996

Furthering the lapp link used in the music, the cover features graphics from a lapp 'bomme', which is a handheld drum used for shamanistic rituals. The background is all-black, as are all previous covers.

Radio Edit is just Return To Innocence lifted straight from the album. The same for Short Radio Edit, altough it is a bit shorter.

The Long & Alive Version starts with an interesting driving rhythm, before the characteristic rhythm comes in. There's a one measure flute riff which repeats. After the build-up the normal song comes, almost unaltered. But at 3:54 a sitar is kicked in, and man this is cool! After two rounds with this the song returns to the lapp chant chorus. The gentle sound of an audience clapping their hands on the beat (beat 2 and 4) is used to good effect, especially to the lapp chant. Of the two new versions, this is the one which is most faithful to the original.

The 380 Midnight Mix is a lot heavier, it too starts with a driving rhythm, but when the familiar bass/snare rhythm comes in it is followed with a heavy guitar sound. This version also has a deep, throbbing bass. Another point to note is that the lapp chant is gated - so it goes like 16th notes, much like the visual effect of a strobe light. Only the first two measures of the chant are used. This version is more still standing and heavier than the other version.

Which do I prefer? I don't know, I like both the new versions. The Long & Alive Version for it's buildup and for the fact that it includes the original melody, the 380 Midnight Mix because of it's heavy sound.

I don't know why a version is called 380 Midnight Mix. Could it be a little allusion to 3AM Eternal? (3-80 => 3-AM)