December 18

I have decided to include Balligomingo as a core artist of this website instead of an evolving artist. This is mostly due to its close relationship with Delerium, both from a musical and vocalist perspective. In latest news it appears that the album is being held off a little due to some international distribution rights. Part of this deal will involve greater use of percussion and orchestration, resulting in re-recording of some songs. However shortly due for release is a 7-track promotional CD which will make way to some people with full artwork and information flyers. The first known track by the group, Heat, which features Kristy Thirsk of Delerium fame, will appear in a film next year that features Jeff Goldblum. They have also recently taken on Camile Henderson as a vocalist. She appeared on Delerium's Karma album. With Delerium's latest album, Poem, sounding a bit closer to the Balligomingo sound, exciting times are ahead. Be sure to check out their website too: www.balligomingo.com. Nice design and due for an update soon!

November 7

I can't help but feel a little irritated. You see I have now heard the new Delerium album Poem but I didn't get hold of it via Nettwerk Records. Despite supporting the band since they were relative unknowns in 1993 Nettwerk Records haven't been forthcoming with a pre-release of the album as yet. They do, however, appear to have been forthcoming with copies to others. Why? Because, as with many other Delerium fans, I have got my copy via the Internet weeks before the official release. What irritates me most is that Nettwerk are giving copies of the album to people who show no respect - they go out and sell them to second hand stores or upload the whole damn thing to places like Napter. This is blatant disrespect and disregard for the 'privilege' of getting a pre-release. If Nettwerk don't want to provide a copy to me then that's fine - after all they have the choice as to whom they'll generate more sales from sharing them with. If nothing else I hope that the whole Napster debate will make record companies become more stringent on exactly whom they pre-release things to.

Since I've now heard the album I've put up a review. The album is available from the US on November 21 (you can buy it from CD Now with a bonus CD), and all other countries some time in 2001. And if you do download the album from the Internet and enjoy it please ensure you go out and buy the 'real thing'!

October 28

Exclusive news. Delerium are to do a spring tour. No other details are known, but this is bound to be their first large-scale tour.

October 23

Further details of the Delerium album are now known. Vocalists on the album include Matthew Sweet, the Medieval Babes, Aude, Joanna Stevens (from Solar Twins), Rani, Jenifer McLaren, Kirsty Hawkshaw, and Leigh Nash (from Sixpence None the Richer). Only Matthew Sweet and Kirsty Hawkshaw are internationally known names, and only two of the eleven tracks are without vocals. The track listing for the second CD includes a remix of Silence and Flowers Become Screens, plus some new tracks in Inner Sanctum (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw) and Nature's Kingdom II. The album can be pre-ordered in the US through CD Now.

October 18

Some exclusive Delerium news. With their hit single Silence being re-released and going to #2 in the UK charts, details of their new album have appeared. Called Poem it is due for release in the US on November 21, 2000, and in Europe/Australia in early 2001. Unlike the past two albums it will not involve Rhys Fulber, who is working on a solo album due out soon, nor Kristy Thirsk who provided female vocals on most of their hits. It will, however, feature male vocals for the first time, provided by Matthew Sweet. Female vocalists include Kirsty Hawkshaw and Joanna Stevens.

The album can be pre-ordered in the US through CD Now, where it will come with a bonus CD. The tracklisting for this bonus CD is not yet officially known but is bound to include Silence in there somewhere!

August 26

Delerium are to release the single Silence in the United States and Canada (you can get it from Amazon). Already available for at least a year now in Australia and Europe, the US version will be out on August 29 and feature an edit of the track, the DJ Tiesto mix, and the Sanctuary mix. It will also feature the Airscape mix and a track from their new album. This new track, Aria, has only been available to date on a sampler in certain US stores. Delerium's as yet untitled new album is still expected later in the year and is rumoured to feature the female vocalists Kristy Thirsk, Leah Nash (Sixpence None the Wiser), and Jennifer McLaren. Meanwhile Rhys Fulber's solo album is expected in early 2001 under the name Conjure One.

Finally please be advised that this website desperately needs a new home. If you have your own server that I could use please contact me urgently. Remember to use http://enigma-music.com to access this site. That way, once it moves, you will not be effected.

July 5

The website now has a new address: http://enigma-music.com. Please only use this address in future. The main email address for this website has also changed. It is now mail@enigma-music.com.

May 1

The second single from Enigma's The Screen Behind the Mirror has now been released. Titled Push the Limits it is only available in parts of Europe. It contains a mix by popular DJ and artist ATB as well as the music video to the track.

April 2

A first taste from Delerium's forthcoming album is now available. Called Aria it features the Mediaeval Baebes. It is available in MP3 format at their official(ish) website (go to the 'Remixes and Unreleased' part of the 'Media' section) or on a bonus CD if you buy Plastic Volume 3 from a Virgin Megastore in the US (while stocks last). Delerium won a Canadian Juno award on March 11 & 12 for 'Best Dance Recording'. This was for the global hit Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan from the album Karma.

The second pressing of the Australian release of Enigma's fourth album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, is now out with no production errors. If you have a first pressing please take it back to your store of purchase for an exchange. If a store refuses to exchange it for any reason please contact me directly and I'll see what I can do.

February 12

The first pressing of the Australian release of Enigma's fourth album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, has a production error. There is a 1 second gap between tracks which puts little gaps of silence throughout the CD. The album debuted at #2 in Germany, #7 in the UK, and #33 in the US.

A new Delerium single, Heaven's Earth, has been released in Australia. Unlike in Europe all remixes are on the one CD single. The Key West mixes on the CD were done in Australia!

January 25

The Australian release of Enigma's fourth album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, will no longer be available in Digipak format. Virgin Australia states that this is due to manufacturing problems.

January 18

The front page of this site has changed - be sure to check it out! Enigma's fourth album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, is now out in Europe and the United States. It is available in Europe in limited edition Digipak packaging. Australia will be offered the same packaging on February 7. Lots more articles and reviews are in the Press and Reviews sections.

January 11

Enigma's fourth album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, is now close to release. Expect it in Europe on January 17, the US on January 18, and Australia on February 7. Some early reviews are in the Press and Reviews sections. The discographies have also been updated accordingly.