Spotlight: Gravity of Love

[Gravity of Love Cover]

Spotlight: Gravity of Love

Billboard January 15 2000

ENIGMA Gravity of Love (3:57)
PRODUCER: not listed
WRITER: M. Cretu
PUBLISHER: not listed
REMIXERS: Peter Ries, T.A.A.W., W. Filz
Virgin Records America 7087 (CD promo)

After years out of the spotlight, Enigma - Michael Cretu and Jens Gad - return with a wholly compelling track that could stir instant glee from creative top 40 and adult top 40 programmers. It's hard to believe that the ensemble's first hit, the top five Sadeness Part I, came out back in 1991, followed by the No. 4 hit Return to Innocence in 1994. (A third single, Beyond the Invisible, peaked at No. 81 in '96.) With Gravity of Love, the basic sound hasn't changed, and it maintains its contemporary-sounding mystical aura, guided by a hip-hop-lite beat and the voice of Ruth-Ann, who has contributed vocals to past works from Enigma. In all, this is one of those singles that lifts the heart of top 40 above the expected norm, possessing potential to hit all demographics with its inspiring melody and a chorus that rains down with heavy hooks.

This is welcome surprise to welcome the dawn of what we all hope will be an era replete with innovation. Also available on the CD promo are two remixes: the Judgment Day Club mix from Peter Ries and T.A.A.W. and the Dark Vocal Club mix, courtesy of W. Filz. Both present uptempo reincarnations of the original, which might be fun for dancefloors, but radio would be better off to stick with the original.

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