The Cross of Changes (Review 1)

[The Cross of Changes Cover]

by Aonders Haarder
Mix March 1994

6 out of 6

One could easily criticise Michael Cretu, the man behind Enigma, for three things: That he's German with Swede's hair, that he's for years been able to hold out being married to the disco duck Sandra (who also have put some vocals on this album), and that he scores cheap points (and money) on a synthetic machine production wrapped in a pseudo-spiritual and semi-mystical image. But you see, this is all Michael's personal matter, so it would in fact be so unserious that only serious reviewers would say such things. This album however, matters to us all, at least the millions of people who already have bought the album and seen the light: Michael Cretu is a genius! The Cross Of Changes is the most fascinating, impressive, original and both musical and technical advanced album to visit the charts for years. And even at the top. All over the world. I don't care at all about the smart beat and the at times unnecessary and (in reality) empty lyrics, and place this album, musically, in line with the greatest symphonic works by for instance Pink Floyd. The great moods glides beautifully into each other: Cathedral-pomposity, ultra-harmony, life & death & passion. Filled with creative expressions, best of all the bombastic choir arrangements and the exotic female vocals from distant countries, song traditions and culture! Michael is revealed. He is god. Even though his bible started with the chapter about Maria Magdalena.

Translations by Joar Grimstvedt.
Reproduced without permission from Mix Magazine for private and research purposes only.