Important Information


    The front page logo was kindly donated by Krystof Okrouhy. This page's logo is by Luke Orsborne. If you're a computer graphic artist and want to donate some art, please contact me.


    I am always open to record companies who wish to make me aware of any artist they may have and think I should have a listen to.

About the Site

    This site exists solely for the love of the music of Enigma and related artists, and because of my desire to share what I know with you. It is strictly non-profit, and is community-based. That is, I actively seek participation from visitors, whether you be a record company, aspiring musical or graphics artist, or 'just another' internet user wishing to share your review on something. Since I work full-time, the site is only periodically updated. Likewise, mail sent to me may not be responded to as quickly as you may hope. Regardless, all mail received is read, and used where possible, giving proper acknowledgement to you. If you want to learn more about me, go and have a look at my home page.