The Cross of Changes (Review 2)

[The Cross of Changes Cover]

by Tore Neset
Dagbladet December 22 1993

4 out of 6

Exciting Commercial Background

The German-Romanian producer and composer Michael Cretu had a formidable hit three years ago with Sadeness part 2 [sic] under the mystical name of Enigma. The successor is now here, with material at least as commercial as its predecessor.

Cretu, married to the German singing lady phenomenon Sandra, and creator of many of her hits, clearly intends to be a thief in the field which today is dominated by people like Vangelis, Andreas Wollenveider [sic] and Kitaro. In other words, relaxing, electronically based background music. A sort of modern replacement for the classical taffel, with provision for discreet dancing in certain parts.

Despite all the prejudice Cretu is the most interesting of these soundcarpet producers. He instruments and arranges quite vigorously, here as on the MCMXC a.D. album. In addition, also this time the melodies are perfect for insatiable pop ears. Return to Innocence has indian chant instead of gregorian monks, but is otherwise not far behind Sadeness in hit value. Played at high volume on a good stereo system the album is a true sound revelation, and can in fact be enjoyed for this quality alone.

Translations by Joar Grimstvedt.
Reproduced without permission from Dagbladet for private and research purposes only.