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Welcome to the Enigma Archives! Here you will find information on anything and everything to do with Enigma and its associated artists including Sandra, Michael Cretu, Arabesque, and Hubert KaH. When it becomes available, information is also provided about other artists of a similar musical style including Delerium, Vangelis, Yello, and Jean-Michel Jarre.

This site was launched in mid-1995 and contains documents first created from as early as 1993. Using the name of The Official Enigma World Wide Web Site until December 1997, its name change reflects the fact that the site no longer has a focus on the latest news, and contains long-established documents that serve as a good reference. The site was created and continues to be maintained by Gavin Stok and forms part of the Digital Symphonies collection of world-wide web sites. This collection currently also consists of World Mix (the Deep Forest web site), Brian Transeau (the bt web site), Banco (the Banco de Gaia web site), and Electrotek (the Hybrid web site).

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The News Section is a summary of information found from a variety of sources. Latest Entry:

December 8, 2001

A greatest hits package has been released from Enigma's 4 latest albums. Entitled LSD: Love, Sensuality, Devotion it includes 2 new tracks and has been released in most countries. In some countries it has also been released with foldout Digipak packaging for a limited time. You can buy the album in the US from Amazon, in the UK from Amazon, and in Australia from Chaos Music.

In most countries an additional greatest hits remix package called LSD: Love, Sensuality, Devotion: The Remix Collection has also been released. Once again it has been released with foldout Digipak packaging for a limited time in some countries. It can be purchased as an import item from Amazon in the US, and in the UK from Amazon.

Finally in some countries a single has been released with the new track Turn Around. It can be purchased as an import item from Amazon in the US.

In October Sandra released a new single, Forever, from her forthcoming album, Wheel of Time. Only released in Europe the track is written and remixed by P. Ries and W. Filz, who did most of her remixes on the My Favourites greatest hits album. Michael Cretu and Jens Gad produced. A great source of Sandra information is Sandranet.

In March Enigma released a DVD of all its music videos. Entitled Remember the Future it has all music videos with the exceptions of Carly's Song and Out From The Deep. It is due to be re-released this month with the Turn Around music video. It can be bought in the US from Amazon, and in the UK from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is your one-stop reference to learn everything known about Enigma. It is a large document which answers frequently asked questions about Enigma and associated artists. It is broken down into 7 main sections which discuss the band/project, the people, the catalogue, the music, the other items, the meanings, and other miscellaneous items. First created in 1993, the document is updated regularly (last updated April 2002) and has been checked by Michael Cretu and seen to be correct.


Ever wondered just how complete your CD collection is or whether your missing that remix which could change your life? The Discographies Section gives full details official and unofficial releases, including their country of origin, catalog number, track listing, and any other special things of mention such as whether they are promotional or come in some special form of packaging. Covers are also shown where possible.

Current discographies are for Arabesuqe, Cornelius + Cretu, Michael Cretu, Cretu and Thiers, Enigma, Hubert KaH, Moti Special, Sandra, and Trance Atlantic Air Waves.

Press Office

Over the years a number of articles, reviews, press releases, and interviews, have been released in a variety of media - from music magazines, to daily newspapers, and from the record companies themselves. The Press Office chronicles all known releases, with transcripts where possible. The reviews in this section differ from those in the Reviews section in that they come from the media.


Hearing other people's opinions on music is one of the best gauges of whether you should buy the item or not. Therefore the Reviews Section provides reviews on Enigma and Enigma-like music. The reviews in this section differ from those in the Press Office section in that they come from Internet users and the general public.

Most Recent Review: Spiritual, Spiritual (b-tribe)

Status File

The Status File is my personal opinion on how certain artists are going - you can consider it a reviews section on artists! Becuase, let's face it, not all artists can continue to release top charting albums.

Enigma Mailing List

Do you have a love for Enigma and its related artists? Want to know about their releases before the rest of the world? Want to share your thoughts about the music of Enigma and its meaning to you? Whether you want to do these or any other possible thing in relation to Enigma, the Enigma Mailing List is for you! Owned by me, I formed the list and maintained it from April 1994 until June 1996. It currently houses over 800 members.

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I am always open to record companies who wish to make me aware of any artist they may have and think I should have a listen to.

About the Site

This site exists solely for the love of the music of Enigma and related artists, and because of my desire to share what I know with you. It is strictly non-profit, and is community-based. That is, I actively seek participation from visitors, whether you be a record company, aspiring musical or graphics artist, or 'just another' internet user wishing to share your review on something. Since I work full-time, the site is only periodically updated. Likewise, mail sent to me may not be responded to as quickly as you may hope. Regardless, all mail received is read, and used where possible, giving proper acknowledgement to you. If you want to learn more about me, go and have a look at my home page.