December 14

With special thanks to Banco de Gaia I have a preview of a first cut of the album.

September 26

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Due to there being so much news, I have moved it straight into the News Section. It has a summary from the past six months or so for Andru Donalds, Banco de Gaia, Delerium, Enigma, and Sandra.

October 12

Lots of news because a long time since updating! Here we go:

Andru Donalds

  • Michael Cretu has produced an album for this singer called Snowing Under my Skin. The first single from it, All Out of Love, got to #2 on the German charts. The album will be released in Europe and Japan.

Banco de Gaia

  • Toby Marks' latest album, The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia, was released world-wide in May 1999. In the US a single has also been released called I Love Baby Cheesy.


  • In June/July Karma was re-released in Europe and Australia to contain a bonus CD of mixes from their last 2 albums. It also contains the rare and very popular track, Heaven's Earth.
  • In June/July Silence was finally released as a single! Available in at least Europe and Australia it contains the radio & full versions of the Sanctuary Mix by Fade.
  • In late 1998 Delerium's two main members, Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb, split up. Bill Leeb is continuing with the Delerium project while Rhy Fulber is doing solo work. His first solo album is due out on Nettwerk Records in late 1999.
  • In September 1998 the Duende music video was nominated by MuchMusic for best cinematography.


  • The first single from the fourth album (due January 2000) is called Gravity of Love. Expect it in Europe in December 1999. The new album is rumoured to be called The Screen Behind the Mirror. Expect it in Europe in January 2000.
  • It is pretty much fact that Andru Donalds, a singer for whom Michael Cretu recently produced an album for, will appear on the fourth album. Otherwise all we know is that it will sound different to all the other albums and may involve other internationally popular artists.
  • A lot of bootlegs have appeared called Enigma 4 or whatever. They look very authentic because they pretend to be by Virgin Records. Most popular is one called Metamorphisis. All of these items are bootlegs and not official releases.
  • In July MCMXC a.D. was re-released in Europe with a bonus CD of remixes of Sadeness and Mea Culpa.


  • Her double CD best-of, My Favourites, has been released in Europe, entering the charts at #26. A single, Secret Land, has also been released. The music video for it was shot in Berlin and shows Sandra. Michael was present during the shooting of it. The album will most likely only get released in Europe and Japan.