July 20

A lot of news to cover since my last update in February. Enigma-wise, there were no Grammy Awards or Echo Awards (Germany's local awards) presented to Enigma or Johan Zambryski for the Enigma 3 packaging. A new box set, The Trilogy, was released in Germany only. Containing all three original versions of Enigma's albums to date, it featured original artwork by Johan Zambryski. It was only available by direct phone order and was advertised on local television.

Michael's new project, Trance Atlantic Air Waves, has had a range of singles released around the world. The album, The Energy of Sound, should now be out in all major continents. In sadder news, it has been officially announced that Sandra is retiring from music (at least for the time being) to raise the family's children. This possibility was mentioned in my Status File as early as December 1996! Other sad news is that the two members of Delerium, Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber, have parted ways. It is believed that Leeb will continue the band with a different line-up.

February 21

Latest word from Virgin Records is that Enigma's next single, The Roundabout, is not planned for release in the near future. However the second single from Trance Atlantic Air Waves, Chase, has been getting out (at least on 12") and made it to number 12 in the UK Club Chart this week. The next single, Crockett's Theme, and album, The Energy of Sound, are still due for release (see the last news entry for more information).

The Grammy Awards come up this week, airing on February 25, 1998 in America. Enigma has been nominated for Best New Age Album (against Oracle by Michael Hedges, Oceanic by Vangelis, Voyager by Mike Oldfield, and Canyon Lullaby by Paul Winter), and Johann Zambryski has been nominated for Best Recording Package. I don't think Enigma will get the award, but Zambryski may have some chance. Michael and Sandra Cretu will not attend. In other awards, Delerium has been nominated for best album design on Karma (Carylann Loeppky and Crystal Heald), and best dance recording for Euphoria (Firefly) in Canada's Juno awards. The awards take place on March 22.

Finally for you Enigma collectors, it's believed that a number of The Rivers of Belief singles have appeared in Japan. Now may be the time to complete your singles collection!

Some information from Osvaldo Dalzotto and Tripp Gwyn.

January 21

There's plenty of rumours around about forthcoming Enigma releases! Some internal Virgin documentation sent out in December 1997 stated that Enigma's next single will be The Roundabout, released in Europe on February 9. However, Virgin representatives are non-commital about there even being a single. It is known that DJ Quicksilver did a remix of the track, and his sources say it is due in January of February 1998.

Current belief is that the single is being held off until after the Grammy Awards, for which Enigma has picked up a nomination for Best New Age Album. The art director for the album, Johann Zambryski, has also picked up a nomination for Best Recording Package. The awards will be held in America on February 25, 1998.

The Virgin publicity machine is currently in full swing for Michael Cretu's new project, Trance Atlantic Air Waves. His latest single, Chase, was released on 12" vinyl in mid-December 1997. The CD single is due out in Europe on February 2, 1998, and contains remixes by DJ Quicksilver and Nalin & Kane. Also interesting to note is that it involves Jens Gad who helped out greatly on the Enigma 2 remixes and Sandra's latest album. The third single, Crockett's Theme, is due out in Europe on March 2, 1998. It is a cover of Jan Hammer's track. Following this will be the album, The Energy of Sound, on March 16 which will primarily contain covers of other popular tracks.

Source: Joar Grimstvedt, Hrvoje Runtic, Max, Martyn Woolley