The Cross of Changes (Official Electronic Press Kit)

by The Torpedo Twins
Virgin Germany December 10 1993

This video, which goes for around 18 minutes, has been shown in various forms on many European TV stations. It has been made in a German version, and in an English version which is presented below. I have not corrected the English to keep the quotes true to the original as best as possible.

Titles lead into Michael Cretu sitting outside his house. He is wearing a white wincheater and tinted glasses.

I don't know exactly where the influences are. I think specially in the new album it's like a kind of, say the lyrics are like a mirror of my soul, and probably it helped me a lot to live in a very quiet place where I could start to concentrate and to start to listen to my inner voice.

Second chapter starts playing while pictures of Ibiza are shown from a distance, then its shores, and then what may be Cretu's house and local surroundings. The picture fades into a picture of Michael in a studio, now wearing an interesting black wincheater.

Probably the beginning was a kind of best of wishes and thoughts that I had over years and years, and combined into a kind of music that I would like to buy but it was impossible. You could not get it at this time.

The start of the Sadeness music video shows

Little by little, step by step like a puzzle, it came out what came out - a very strange weird combination of elements what theoretically couldn't fit together.

About 10 seconds more of the music video is shown, with the images not matching the music. Picture crosses to Michael outside.

When you mention the first days when I started to play this stuff with Gregorian chants and so on and so on to some people they said he's mad.

Crosses to 15 seconds of Mea Culpa music video. Picture then crosses to Michael inside.

To be honest I would prefer not to sit here today and give you the answers and that was the reason why I started, and I said let the music speak its own language and I'm not important at all.

Crosses to 20 seconds of Principles of Lust music video. Back to Michael inside.

I wanted to try in these days where they say that package is much more important than the content of something, I wanted to send music again, only music.

Crosses to Rivers of Belief music video.

It's also where I asked my record company, please do not a bit of a special package or something where you send the record/radio companies. I said send it only as a regular record. I want to see if it's possible these days to send only music, because everyone says it's impossible.

Crosses to Michael indoors, wearing a white wincheater.

If I listen today to my first album it's seems so light and so easy compared to the new one. I mean the new one is so much more dramatic, it's a little bit darker.

Music crosses to part of the EYES of Truth. Picture is a camera going through the Cretu's house, through the living room.

It was very clear for me from the very first moment that it will be completely different. I hate to copy myself because everyone expects "aha, the Gregorian chants are coming back, you know?". No, they never come back.

During this time, the picture shows his clear billiard table and other parts of the living room.

Picture crosses to Michael in the studio, his winning record awards on the wall, and the camera leading down to his studio where he is working with his console, 3 monitors, and a TV in the background. Various visual effects show him working. You also see him smoking while he works! Picture then crosses to black wincheater indoor interview.

I think this music reflects a lot of my inner wishes/thoughts and about my inner life.

Music to Dream of the Dolphin begins. Picture crosses to it raining outside. When the piano starts, the picture crosses to the keyboard where Michael is playing it in his studio. He focusses more on his monitors than on the keyboard as seen from other images while he plays. Just before the part where Sandra would start speaking, the picture crosses to the black wincheater indoor interview.

I mean the technical side helps me only to fulfil my artistic dreams - it's a necessity.

Picture crosses to close up of Michael's console and its lights. Silent Warrior plays.

Yes, I play in the studio. It means it's a tool, but it's a tool who's my friend and not my enemy.

More close-ups for a decent amount of time, then back to black wincheater indoor interview.

You have to have the sipling (??) for the part of the work because it's really hard til you get it. You know you have something in your mind/your fantasy and until you can touch it. I mean it's a really long long way.

Crosses to Michael playing with samples on Silent Warrior. He sits at a keyboard while looking at 3 monitors.

I work the best if I'm alone, in the studio all my buttons, computers, and everything what I need.

Picture shows Michael working on one of the drums in Silent Warrior, the close-up of the monitor showing him changing the tone/pitch.

I think it's necessary to be a maniac (??) because when I start with an album like this I have to isolate myself from everything that's around.

Drum loop of Silent Warrior plays. Then Michael adds more to it. He stops all the music. Picture crosses to black wincheater indoor interview withMichael in a very happy mood.

As long as the project is the star and I'm only the father of the project it's OK. When this situation will change, then I have to escape.

Music crosses to start of the EYES of Truth. Picture shows various outside locations using special effects. I presume it's Ibiza. These images appear for around a minute. Picture goes back to black wincheater indoor interview.

I think it's more my kind of ethic and static (??) musical points of view [laughs] to respect this. I mean I love music very much, it's a very important part of my life.

Picture shows 1 minute from the start of Return to Innocence music video. Picture crosses to white wincheater indoor interview.

The overal theme is maybe the return to innocence 'cause what I would try to symbolise is I think that every human being in when they first see daylight is innocent in the way that it has no bad attitudes.

Picture crosses back to Return to Innocence music video.

That's why I say look into your heart or it's the return to yourself, I mean the return to the way you came to Earth.

Another 90 seconds of the Return to Innocence video and back to white wincheater indoor interview.

If I can help to some people, only to think about themself, about their life, about their situation, and maybe try to change some things, then I think I did something good with this album.

Music changes to start of Silent Warrior. Picture shows Michael working in his studio (most are repeated images from earlier). One shot shows a hell of a lot of equipment behind him. This goes for around a minute. Picture then changes to show his outdoor pool. The closing titles then appear (with no music).

The Torpedo Twins are Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher.
Video supplied courtesy of Mambo Musik, Germany. Transcribed for private and research purposes only.