Section 7: Miscellaneous

Where has ENIGMA's music been spotted?

The music of ENIGMA has appeared in movie trailers, mini-series, movies, and promotions - in fact, it has been requested for more than 500 compilations, half of these being for Sadeness! Some sightings of the music include:

  • Sadeness part 1 features in the movie trailers to 1492 and The 13th Warrior. It is also used during a love-making scene in the movie Boxing Helena and in the movie Exit to Eden. It appears in the Miami episode of the US series The Real World
  • Sadeness and Find Love are used on the CD-ROM Supermodels in the Rainforest
  • Mea Culpa part II was used in The Making of Robin Hood
  • The Fading Shades Mix of Mea Culpa part II appears in advertising for the Australian TV series Law of the Land
  • Principles of Lust is heard when one of the women enter a bondage & discipline club during a scene in the movie Single, White Female
  • The Everlasting Lust Mix of Principles of Lust and Carly's Song appear in the movie trailer for Intersection
  • Apart from Carly's Song and Carly's Loneliness, the Everlasting Lust Mix of Principles of Lust appears in the movie Sliver
  • Callas Went Away features in an episode of the TV soap opera General Hospital
  • Knocking on Forbidden Doors features in the movie trailer to Body of Evidence
  • Carly's Song appears in the Los Angeles and London episodes of the US series The Real World
  • Second Chapter appears in an episode of the US TV show Nova (shown on PBS)
  • Return to Innocence is used to advertise two cars - the Peugeot 306 and the Volvo S40. It appears in the movie Exit to Eden, and at the end of the Disney movie Man of the House. A minute of it used at the start of "The Conversion" episode in The Outer Limits TV series, and it has been seen in a My So Called Life episode. It is also heavily used in the US and Canada for Olympic Themes and ice skating shows
  • The Eyes of Truth is used in the movie trailers to Scarlet Letter, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and The Matrix
  • I Love You...I'll Kill You is playing during the strip club scene in the movie Money Train. It is also used prominently during the movie trailer to Eraser, and an excerpt from it appears in an episode of the TV series Baywatch
  • The slow underlying beat from Morphin Thru Time appears in an Australian TV advertisement for Kettles potato chips
  • An excerpt from Beyond the Invisible is heard in an episode of the TV series Baywatch. It also features in the commercial and movie/TV series Nikita
  • Shadows in Silence is used for the movie trailer to Good Will Hunting and during the coverage of Mother Theresa's funeral
  • The first line in the chant from The Child In Us appears in the movie The Craft. It also appears on Graeme Revell's soundtrack to the movie, and for Spanish TV advertisements for the Telef?nica phone company. You may be able to see one of the TV ads here
  • The drumbeat from TNT for the Brain can be heard identically, or very similarly, in the track The Couch from Alanis Morissette's Supposed Former Infatuated Junkie album. The instrumental version of it also appears in an episode of the US TV show Millennium in a slightly altered way.
  • The start of The Roundabout features in the movie trailer to One Night Stand. It also appears in a Mustang Jeans commercial aired on MTV and VIVO in Germany
  • The chant from The Prism of Life appears in a British TV advertisement for Kellogg's Special K breakfast cereal

What isn't known about ENIGMA?

While this FAQ answers a lot of questions about ENIGMA you may not know, there are still many unanswered questions most of which only Michael Cretu could accurately answer. These include:

  • Why were the pictures in the CROSS of Changes CD chosen? (One theoried reason is to show one picture from each major religion)
  • What are the sample credits for MCMXC a.D. and The CROSS of Changes other than those credited and mentioned in this document?
  • Who is Why! written about? Whose perspective is it written from?
  • Personal details about Louisa Stanley, including which tracks she has recorded for on all albums.

What Other Web Sites Should I Visit?

There are now a number of different web sites out there about Enigma and related artists. I list some out here. Please note that these sites are not endorsed in anyway by me.


So there you have it - as much information about ENIGMA as I could find! I would like to stress, however, that not all things in this FAQ have been verified by myself. Some answers are merely theories as to possible reasonings (this especially applies to the links to the Bible), and I do not own every single item ENIGMA has ever released (unfortunately!). Essentially, do not take every single thing written in this FAQ as gospel!

I would like to thank all those people who have contributed to the FAQ - your help was much appreciated and the information you supplied was priceless! Should you find any facts in this FAQ as wrong, or have any further information to add to this FAQ, do not hesitate to contact me. Desperate attempts to find old Enigma CDs, and arguments over more controversial points mentioned in this FAQ should not be directed to me; try the ENIGMA mailing list instead!

Thank you for reading this FAQ and happy ENIGMA listening!


This FAQ wouldn't have been possible without the help of the following people (apologies to those I may have missed!): Adam, Per Terje Aune, Jeremy Barnard, Matthew Bjerke, Paul Burnim, Candi, Abdoul Check, Michael Cretu, DarkSide, Stuart Davies, Gilberto De Faveri, John DeGroof, Steven de Jong, Jon Drukman, Zenon Feszczak, Roberto Gonzalez, Don Gray, Joar Grimstvedt, Robert H, William J Hamilton, Thomas Hentz, Greg Holloway, Jennifer, Jessica, Brian Jobson, Joshua Johnson, Hartmut Keller, Dawn Kivisto, Con Koniditsiotis, Shinjyo Kunihiro, Andrew Kwok, Leonard, Stefan Lehmann, Marisa, Simone Monetti, Diana Murray, Ulf Nordquist, Derek Power, Ivan Proskurin, Victoria Rae, Terry Record, Brandon Rhymes, Victor Ruiz, Anja Schiegl, Stefan Schulz, Aileen Shelton, Alex Siepman, Sodhed, Sorin, Jason Sukher, Juergen Thurnau, Stefano Trentadue, Alan Wong.