Moti Special Discography

July 27, 1998

This discography has a short summary of all releases followed by a more detailed listing.



1985 Motivation
1990 Dancing for Victory
1984 Stop! Girls Go Crazy
1985 Cold Days, Hot Nights
Don't be So Shy
Amiga Quartet: Moti Special

Stop! Girls Go Crazy Single 1984


Europe (Germany)

Teldec 6.20494 AE Orange Vinyl, 1995

    Stop! Girls Go Crazy 5:36
    Every Minute 3:20

Teldec 6.20 393

    Stop! Girls Go Crazy 5:36
    Visions of You 4:23

Motivation Album 1985


Europe (Germany)

Teldec 6.26166 AS

    Don't Be So Shy 3:29
    Spirit of Ecstasy 4:25
    How to Treat Tough Girls 3:33
    Cold Days, Hot Nights 3:42
    Visions of You 3:23
    Motivation 4:52
    She's a Heartbreaker 4:20
    Every Minute 3:20
    Stop! Girls Go Crazy 5:14

Cold Days, Hot Nights Single 1985


Europe (Germany)

Teldec 6.14260 AC

    Cold Days, Hot Nights 3:42
    Out of Tune 3:18

Europe (Italy)

Carrere CRE A 6417

    Cold Days, Hot Nights 3:43
    Vision of You 4:08


Europe (Germany)

Teldec 6.20384 AE Orange Vinyl

    Cold Days, Hot Nights 5:00
    Out of Tune 3:18

Europe (Spain)

Carrere CAR 8.530

    Cold Days, Hot Nights 5:02
    Visions of You 4:08

Don't be So Shy Single 1985


Europe (Germany)

Teldec 6.14380 AC

    Don't be So Shy 3:29
    No Way 3:29


Europe (Germany)

Teldec 6.20444 AE Green Vinyl

    Don't be So Shy 6:54
    No Way 3:29

Amiga Quartet: Moti Special EP 1985


Europe (DDR)

amiga 5 56 127

    Cold Days, Hot Nights
    Visions of You
    Don't be So Shy
    She's a Heartbreaker

Dancing for Victory Album 1990


Europe (Germany)

Polydor 841 625-1 (LP)
Polydor 841 625-2 (Cassette)
Polydor 841 625-4 (CD)

    Higher in the Name of Love 4:18
    In Love we Stand 3:54
    From Your Lips to God's Ear 5:12
    Still the Same 4:12
    Shade of Grey 4:05
    Dancing for Victory 5:06
    (Let Me Call You) Angel 4:30
    You Can Take It All 3:46
    Fool In Paradise 4:06
    Behind Closed Doors 3:46
    Special Moments 0:36

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